Simple Wedding Table Centrepieces

Do you want wedding table centrepieces that will make a visual impact but won't break the bank? Here are a few ideas for you to ponder; gorgeous decorative items that are budget friendly and will still create a beautiful atmosphere.

Jam Jars
This is a super easy idea. Save up your jars in the months approaching your wedding - it doesn't matter if they are different shapes and sizes as that will add to the effect. You can use metallic or glitter spray paints to decorate your jars. Alternatively if you wish to have more of a vintage feel how about using lace, hessian and twine to decorate your jars? Fill the jars with flowers, candles or fairy lights!

If you prefer to buy your jars then you can purchase them online or in most craft stores.

12 pack of Hexagonal Jam Jars at Hobbycraft, £8


There are a great option if you are wanting to add some height to your table decorations - especially if you are in a venue which is quite grand/ has high ceilings.

Top Tip: Some venues are happy to hire put candelabras, this can be a great way to save a few pennies!

3 Arm Jewelled Candelabra from Dunelm Mill , £13.59


You can find lanterns everywhere at the moment and they come in an array of pretty metallic colours; rose gold, silver, bronze and in more neutral creams and whites. Think about mixing things up by purchasing lanterns of different shapes and sizes. These look very effective with fairy lights.

Gothic Garden Terranium from Paperchase  was £15 - now £10.50

Floating Candles
I love the idea of lighting up a dimly lit venue with pretty floating candles. These are really effective and come in a variety of colours to suit your theme. You can purchase glassware cheaply these days and subsequently this option tend to come will within budget.

Floating Candles Set from Dunelm Mill, £1.99

Simple Floral Arrangements
Top Tip: Does your grandmother have green fingers? Has a friend recently attended a floristry course at nightschool? Use your contacts to keep the costs down!

Making your own floral arrangements can save you a fortune. Make sure that if you are considering doing your own floral arrangements that you have plenty of time the day before. If you are using fresh flowers and make your displays too far in advance they can look a little limp and lifeless.

To keep costs down think about using "filler flowers" and foliage which can add bulk to your design. You can display your arrangements in jars, teapots or small ceramic vases.

Cake stands

These are a perfect option if you are having an afternoon tea themed wedding reception. They also act as a good base for other decorations for example teapots, vases or mason jars. I particularly like the old crystal style cake stands for this option. 

Pasabache Cake Stand from Tesco, £10

Manzanite Trees

Another popular simple centrepiece if the Manzanite tree. These trees come in various colours including silver, gold and white. They look splendid by themselves but if you wish you can decorate with pretty baubles, tags or lights.

30 Inch Manzanita Tree from The Range, £17.99 each


Glassware is a very versatile centrepiece. You can fill your glassware with beads, gemstones, coloured sand, water, flowers, fairylights or anything else which comes to mind! Whether you are thinking of having the same style throughout or would like to use different shapes and sizes of glassware you will find the overall look effective. To add a bit more glamour to the look you could add in a glittered charged plate or a mirrored disc to rest your glassware on.

Tip:  You can often get a good deal on glassware from wholesalers - for example Country Baskets. 
Spherical Vase from The Range, £6.99

Tea Pots and Coffee Pots
Top Tip: Ask around! Lots of people have crockery hidden away in attics and cupboards that they have forgotten about - if you are lucky you might find that your cleptomaniac great aunt has a whole collection for you to have a look through.

Ditsy Floral Teapot from Katie Alice, £38.99

My own centrepiece above...

The birdcage is another super effective centrepiece that adds height to your table decoration. I always think these look pretty adorned with flowers. They come in a variety of sizes so don't be afraid to mix and match colours and sizes for a more quirky feel. 

Mint Green Footed Birdcage Centrepiece from Wedding of My Dreams, £35 each

Tree Slice Centrepieces
If you are thinking of add some height to your centrepieces or you want a sturdy base to tie things together then how about using a tree slice? These give a real rustic feel and look great paired with hessian and lace. 

Tree Slice Rustic Wedding Centrepiece from Wedding of My Dreams , £12


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