Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

After purchasing my first wedding magazine I was in awe of the beautiful floral centrepieces, bouquets and garlands that leapt from the pages. A few Pinterest searches later and I knew I wanted to incorporate fresh flowers into as many elements of our day as I could. Unfortunately foliage does not come cheap! It is important to be aware of which flowers in season in the month that you are due to be married. Factor in how may bridesmaids and groomsmen you have; what may seem like a small extravagance when you are planning your bridal bouquet  can easily add up if you wish to continue the theme through to your bridesmaid posies and buttonholes.

Here are a list of questions that you can take with you when you meet with your florist to ensure you have covered all angles. I would advise getting in touch with a florist as soon as you have booked your venue. Feel free to shop around and get a few quotes - you might be pleasantly surprised! Its often a good idea to keep a scrapbook or Pinterest board of some of the arrangements that you like to give the florist an idea into your expectations.

First and foremost.. Do you charge for a consultation?
This initial meeting enables you to discuss the questions below and provides you an opportunity to talk through style, preferences and logisitics. Some florists charge for this consultation and will tack the cost onto your final bill.

What are the typical arragements that you offer ?  e.g Boutonierres, Corsages, Posies, Bridal Bouqets, Centrepieces, Altar arrangements

Hint: speak to your venue before you visit your florist. Some venues may offer a top table centrepiece free of charge (ours did). You may also find that if you are having a church wedding that the church will only allow flowers to be displayed that are arranged by the wardens of the church. It might be worth asking if you can taken the flowers with you to your venue if you so wish e.g. taking the altar arrangement to display at the top table 

Do you have any examples of your work?
Many florists are now online and will often have a gallery of some of their work on their website. It is always worth asking when you meet your florist if you can see some of their previous arrangements as this will not only give you an idea of the quality of their work but also may provide some further inspiration.

Which flowers will be in season when I am getting married? Do you have any suggestions which will fall into my budget?
It is good to an establish a budget early. I initially thought about have Ranunculus is my bouquet for our wedding in August before our florist told me that it would be almost impossible to acquire them at that time and if it were possible it would bump up the final bill significantly. I knew that I wanted gypsophilia in my arrangements and this is a great option if you are looking for a good "filler flower" or a budget friendly fresh flower arrangement.

How can my theme be incorporated into my floral arrangements?

Remember that these people are experts at what they do! They will know which materials are on offer that can be included in your arrangements. It might be a good idea to take fabric swatches of your bridesmaid dresses, a wedding invitation or a photograph of your dress to provide a little more information.

Can I see samples/ mock up bouquet prior to the big day?
Some florists may offer to make up a mock bouquet at a small charge with similar flowers so that you can see a rough idea of size, colour and shape.

How many times will we need to meet before the Wedding?
If you are getting married away from home and having difficulty visiting vendors local to your vendor ask if communicating by email is an option. I sent most of my questions and inspirational images online.

Do you provide any other venue dressing services?
If you are considering other options such as candelabras, bay trees or votives it might be worth asking your florist. Many florists run venue dressing services alongside their business or know someone who does and may be able to offer you a reduced rate.

What is the maximum distance that you travel to a venue and are there any additional mileage costs?
This is an important to question to ask if your venue isn't local as mileage costs can creep up and eat into your budget.

Where will the flowers be delivered? Who will set up the flowers at the venue?
Some florists will do multiple drops off for example ours delivered to the bridal party hotel, the grooms party hotel and to the venue. Instructions were left with the venue staff on how to set up the flowers after they had been delivered. If the florist is setting up the venue themselves it is good to get a rough idea of how long this will take so you can let your Wedding Coordinator at the venue know.

Is there a deposit to be paid? 

When is the final payment due? How should I pay?

You don't have to display fresh flowers at your wedding and there are many alternative or DIY options. Establishments such as Country Baskets have a stunning array of artifical flowers available. If you are creative you can consider collecting glass gars, tea pots or small ceramic vases and displaying season flowers from the local florist or from your own garden. Button or brooch bouquets are another option which look particularly effective at art deco themed weddings.

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Can you think of any other questions it is important to ask your florist? Please comment below and share your ideas.


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