Customised Wedding Shoes

Some women spend most of their adolescent lives fantasising about their wedding dress whilst others are more concerned about what they will be wearing on their feet on their big day! When it comes to wedding day footwear the options are endless - some people aim for comfort with cushioned soles or flats where others wish to use the opportunity to treat themselves to that pair of Louboutins they have been eyeing up in Selfridges.

As someone who has been cursed with size 9 feet (UK size) I was pretty limited when it came to buying my wedding shoes. Luckily I came across Elegant Steps when I was at The National Wedding Show in Birmingham and they saved the day - and my feet! Elegant Steps was also the first place that I had come across the idea of Wedding Shoe customisation. 

There is a wide range of options for you to consider when it comes to customisation. It may be that you have find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, the right height and work well with the dress but they are just missing that finishing touch. In this case you might think about purchasing a pair of shoes clips. I particularly love the vintage style brooch clips which can transform a pair of plain slingbacks into high end looking heels! Another perk of shoe clips is that they can be used on other pairs of shoes and even used to glam up a pretty clutch bag.

Here a few examples of Shoe Clips which are available on the market...

Myra Shoe Clips from Rainbow Club, £43

Selena Show Clips from Rainbow Club, £54

One of the services which I thought was fantastic from Elegant Steps was their Shoe Dying Service. This allows brides to match their shoes to the colour of their bridemaids' dresses if they wish or any other colour which they desire to make their footwear pop! As a bit of traditionalist at heart (you may be able to tell from the name of my blog) I love the idea of a pretty pastel blue wedding shoe with an added embellishment. The other option is to have your shoes dyed after your wedding so that you can keep on wearing them and enjoying them after your big day. Your pretty satin heels can be transformed into a pair of sexy black shoes that you can wear for years to come. 

If you want your shoes to have that Cinderella sparkle then you might consider adding embellishments such as diamantes, pearls or studs to your shoes. If you are particularly creative or a well practised crafter then you might think about adding embellishments to your shoes yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials and Youtube videos available online to provide you with tips and tricks on how to do this yourself - like this tutorial from Crystal and Glass Beads. If you feel that you would prefer to let a professional to bling up your footwear then there are companies which offer this service like Crystal Couture.

Crystal Couture, Red Heart Closed Peep Toe Shoes, £189

To me, the ultimate in wedding shoe customisation is a hand painted design and this is definitely the option I would choose if I had my day again. This gives you opportunity to work with a designer to create a bespoke pair of shoes that will truly reflect your personality. If you are having a themed wedding then this is a perfect opportunity to incorporate some of this detail into your wedding outfit. Don't be dismayed if you are thinking of having flat shoes - there is more than enough space on your pumps for a shoe artist to work their magic. 

I think a pair of hand painted wedding shoes if a beautiful keepsake which you can treasure forever and would look lovely on display.  Take a look at this breathtaking design and the pretty pink shoes above from Beautiful Moment shoe designs. 

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