Stockist Spotlight: Love and Old Lace


Please could you give a brief introduction on yourself and your company to my readers who may not have come across you before…
Hi, my name is Gemma; I am a full time mum to an adorable little boy called Rhys, and a wife to an amazing husband Lee, who is in the armed forces. Our fourth family member is a gorgeous, slightly bonkers chocolate Labrador called Bovvered.

Love and Old Lace is all about the personal touch. I make bespoke bouquets, accessories and gifts from, mainly buttons, but just about anything that the bride would like! The bouquet, in particular, doesn’t have to be just some pretty flowers to walk down the aisle with, it can be a beautiful and unique keepsake, made and personalised specifically to you. And unlike fresh flowers, these bouquets will not wilt or die, they will not fade with time, they are a special reminder of your day and can be displayed for years to come.

How did your business get started and what were the ideas behind it?
Love and Old Lace has been a dream for a long time, and not just for me. My mum wanted to set up her own craft business when she was my age and the name actually came from her, she is one of my greatest inspirations.

For me it all started actually happening in 2013 when I was planning my own wedding, I’m not the traditional type and wanted my wedding to be completely personal. I made everything and absolutely loved it, I didn’t want it to end there and so decided to set up Love and Old Lace to carry on!
Why did you choose to focus on weddings?
Weddings are my main focus because it was my own which inspired me to create Love and Old Lace. I love the wedding planning process; it is such a magical and exciting time and is such a privilege to be part of someone’s journey.
What inspires you as a designer?
I take inspiration from everything around me, although for the bridal bouquets I take most of my inspiration from the bride herself – her personality, her loves, her hobbies, and her wedding day choices – a bridal bouquet should be a reflection of that bride, it should tell a story of her and the love she has found, and also hold memories of her special day so to create an everlasting keepsake.

Can you tell us your three favourite products from your store and why they are your top picks?
Each piece I have done has been unique; they are custom made and so very different each time! Out of the ‘types’ of products I create I guess the bouquets are my favourite as they are the most meaningful, the reaction I receive when a bouquet is handed to its bride makes each one very special. I also love creating the buttonholes, they are so quirky and fun to do!

Please could you tell us more about the bespoke service that you offer?
The service is one of the reasons brides come to me. I don’t have a shelf full of ‘ready-made’ items, nor do I give them a list of choices they have to choose from, and my brides are not just another sale to me. Each bride is as individual as the service she receives, I get to know my brides, give them as much of my time as is needed to make everything perfect. I am not, and never want to be ‘the lady who is making the bouquet’ – I am Gemma from Love and Old Lace, and always will be.

You seem to have a wide range of diverse products on offer at Love and Old Lace. We love the idea of your bouquets and buttonholes! Could you tell us more about the other services you provide including your keepsake boxes?
Bouquets and buttonholes are certainly my main products; however I love my bespoke keepsake boxes, bunting and favours too!
The Keepsake boxes are lovely pieces to make, again they are all made to order and so each one is unique and personalised to the individual. The most recent one I made was for someone’s daughter in her last year of highschool, it was a very pretty shabby chic style and it turned out beautiful! I am also planning to make my son a new personalised Christmas Eve box to make it a little more special!

The bunting is something I have only recently started making, but the more I make the more I love it! The last few pieces I have made were personalised burlap & button bunting for 1st birthdays.
The favours are another new branch I have taken, I had the idea when we were planning a wedding fair and I was trying to think of something I could put into the goody bags for the brides! They are miniature buttonholes, again personalised to each wedding, they can be either brooch style or pin style (or magnets!) depending on what the bride wants, and they are so cute!
Are there any future projects in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?
At the moment, as my son is still so young, I am taking each day as it comes, there is so much that can happen in the future who knows what projects will come along! However I will be sure to keep all my followers updated if any come up!

Do you have any goals or aspirations for your company in 2015?
The only goal I have for next year is to hopefully get a little website up and running!
Do you have any tips for anybody thinking of setting up their own business?
Go for it!! All I would say is be kind to yourself and don’t set your expectations too high, depending on your business it can be hard work when starting off, but if it is something you love then it is the most rewarding job in the world!


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