Wedding Dress Designs: The Best Designers for 1920's Style Wedding Dresses

Are you a huge fan of the great decadence of the 1920's? Are you hoping to emulate the beauty of Gastby stars Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Debicki? Dresses from this era use clever tailoring to create gorgeous silhouettes and drapery. Embellishments can be as wild as you like - beads, sequins, pearls, feathers... The overall looks is that of sophistication meets glamour. Here are a few designers that I think you should have on your radar if you a looking for a 1920's style wedding dress.

Phase Eight

High street giant Phase Eight have a gorgeous array of wedding gowns in their stores. Their trademark tapework embellishment gives their dresses a real twenties edge. 

Jessica Charleston

I love the gorgeous range of dresses at Jessica Charleston. This is  "Genevieve" dress is an example of some of her more vintage inspired designs.  

Vicky Rowe

Vicky Rowe specialises exclusively in 1920's style gowns. You simply must check out her range if you are considering investing in a twenties theme, These are two examples of her stunning collection. 


Temperley designs are always fabulously thought out with pretty embellishments and clever tailoring Although these two dresses may not immediately spring to mind as embracing the Gatsby pizazz I think that they would look tremendous at a twenties style wedding. 

Jenny Packham 

I adore Jenny Packham's style and the simplicity of her designs. These dresses are two shining examples of how she is able to recreate the 1920's look.

Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone's dresses are incredibly ornate and artistic. This "Toulouse" dress has a real romantic and elegant twist to the  vintage design!

Belle and Bunty 

These beautiful British designs from Belle and Bunty will send your head into a spin! They capture the decadence of the roaring twenties perfectly!


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