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Please introduce yourself to my readers who may not have been aware of your company previously...

My name is Sylvie Morton and I am the owner of In One Clothing ( At In One Clothing we specialise in multiway dresses and wraps you will love to wear again and again - ideal for Occasions, Maternity and Bridesmaids. Our dresses are made in the UK, we’re proud to support the UK textile industry.

When did In One Clothing get started as a business and what were the main ideas behind setting the business up?

From a young age I have always been fascinated by objects that could do more than one thing. Growing up in the 70's, technology and creativity brought out a string of new multifunction goods, and clothing was no different.

Aged 8, my first multiway purchase was a reversible duvet cover! I was so excited at my find in the La Redoute Mail Order Catalogue... The pink and grey cover, with dots on one side and stripes on the other took pride of place on my bed for many years and it started a life long passion for multiway items.

Over the years I have added to my collection; a watch with changeable straps, a reversible belt, a swim suit with a convertible bra top and lots of scarves and wraps to name but a few. It was the purchase of a Multiway Bandeau Dress that made me think that I could maybe turn this passion into a business.For years I worked in Sales and Marketing jobs in the clothing industry. I traveled a lot and was complimented on my multiway dress every time I wore it. Friends and colleagues wanted to know where I had bough it. That's when I decided to give it a go and see if I could get a collection of Multiway Dresses and Wraps made to sell online.

It took a lot of work and determination, but I was lucky to find production and fabric wholesalers in the UK to help me make In One Clothing a reality. Now almost 3 years after I sold the first dress I am able to dedicate myself full time to the business.It is a joy to share with customers the products that I love and I have so many more ideas to bring to life, that there is never a dull moment (well ok the accounting is pretty dull).

Why did you decide to concentrate your efforts on the wedding industry?

We quickly saw demand from brides for a dress which could be worn different ways to suit their different bridesmaids shapes and sense of personal style - Multiway bridesmaid dresses. As a bride you are looking for a beautiful dress to suit and flatter your bridesmaids, you want a consistent look but understand each maid has a different body shape to cater for as well as their personal style to express. With 14 ways to wear every body issue is solved, with options to have more or less coverage, bare shoulders or hide arms, wear as an empire to show off a pregnancy, wear as a knee length to show off those legs or floor length for modesty – Multiway Bridesmaid Dress caters for everyone, of course it’s simply fun to be able to try different styles and find the best look for you!

Which designs in your collection are your favourites and why would you choose these pieces over others?

The multiway dress can be worn 14 different ways, this means there is something to suit every body shape, whether you’re tall, short, full chested, athletic or hourglass – there is a style for you. Personally for myself, being petite I find the Knee Length Multiway Dress the most flattering, I love the way I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion and get a completely different look from one dress.

 Do you have any advice for brides when choosing their bridesmaid dresses?
Our advice would be to listen to your bridesmaids needs, of course they will want to please the bride but being considerate of personal body hang ups and personal styles will ensure you have happy maids on the big day! We offer all brides a free swatch card and the loan of a sample dress so they can get together with their maids and have fun trying out the different ways to wear and look through the colour options. We provide video tutorials on how to achieve each of the different styles and a body shape guide pointing you to the right style for your shape.

 There are 14 ways to wear your fabulous multiway dress – please could you tell us your favourite 3 looks and why they spring to mind?

My favourite ways to wear the multiway dress are Strapless, One Shoulder and Halterneck - these suit my personal body shape which is petite. With 14 different ways to wear there is something for all occasions and body shapes.

 Are there any future projects that you would like to share with my readers?

We’ve just launched our Multiway Maternity Dress - One dress offering expression and versatility of style for all occasions throughout your pregnancy and beyond...

The Multiway Maternity Dress is available in 3 lengths, can be worn 14 different ways and chosen from a beautiful palette of 24 colours. The Multiway Maternity Dress retails from £89 with free delivery and is available in sizes 6-26.

During pregnancy you’ll want to look your best for any occasions whilst feeling comfortable and flattering your blossoming bump! With Extra Length at the front to skim over your bump, the waistband is elasticated to fit best over your growing curves as your pregnancy develops. For extra coverage buy the Matching Maternity Bandeau Top for only £25 when you buy your dress.

With the sashes you can create daring styles suitable for weddings (and bridesmaids) and parties through to more conservative styles for more formal events – the Multiway Maternity dress will become your essential maternity wear. After birth the dress is perfect for nursing with styles allowing easy and modest breastfeeding access.

 What are you hoping to achieve in the next 12 months?

Over the next year we hope to be able to help even more brides get the best dresses for their Bridesmaids, and help pregnant ladies everywhere find a dress that they can wear again and again! 

Setting up any new business can be a challenging experience. What is the best business advice you have ever received? Do you have any words of wisdom yourself for fellow suppliers looking to set up their own stores?

Setting up a business is not an easy thing and over the last 4 years we have had tremendous successes but also our fair share of setbacks. The only advice I would give to anybody wanting to start a new
business is “Just do it”. Most people don’t start or overestimate what is needed to start. Use your skills and ask people for objective feedback that way you can grow a business that is based on what people want and not just what you think they want. We still regularly run customer surveys and actively encourage feedback. I love speaking with brides and the best reward is the lovely pictures of the wedding days with all the girls looking gorgeous!

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