twobirds Bridesmaid Review

"Bridesmaids dresses that your girls will want to wear again and again"

Made of flattering fabric and incredibly versatile, there is no denying that multiway dresses are a great way to please all of your bridesmaids. I recently decided to investigate the range of multiway wrap dresses on the market and wrote a post about the subject. It was at this point that I was offered to try a sample from the retailer twobirds bridesmaid. 

twobirds specialise in multiway dresses and have flagship stores across the globe including New York, Toronto, Sydney and, a little closer to home, London. 

I was incredibly excited to receive my package. I hadn't asked for a particular colour or style so I was looking forward to seeing what was inside!

My first impressions

I was so excited when I received my package (left) and after feeling how luxurious the fabric felt I decided to try the dress on immediately. I couldn't believe how expensive the fabric felt and the colour was stunning!

I received a Classic Ballgown sample, Size A in the colour Roaewater.

Experimenting with the dress

A simple style, twisted straps  easy peasy - plus the colour is divine! 

The beauty of this dress is that it gives you the opportunity to play with 15 different styles. Whether you are a girl who loves to wear a strapless or the kind of lady that doesn't like to show her upper arms, the dress can be tied to suit your needs. I was worried initially that someone with as little common sense as me would not be able to master tying all of the styles which appear quite complex at first look. My anxieties were unfounded; Youtube videos that explain clearly and concisely how to wrap the dress are available online! You don't even need your laptop to get started as twobirds have a handy App that can help you while you experiment. To preview the 15 looks that be created, click here.

This look can be transformed in the blink of an eye from twisted straps to capped sleeves - magic!
I really love the fact that twobirds sent me a bandeau. I have a "womanly" figure and I was a little worried that I wouldn't have enough support wearing the gown. The bandeau helped me feel secure in the dress and I was confident that I wouldn't have any undignified flashing moments even if I was dancing the night away.  If you have any bridemaids that will have a baby bump on your big day, this dress is a perfect option! 

I am a big fan of Grecian style bridesmaid dresses and this Grecian one shoulder twist look was definitely my favourite. 
I asked my friend to try on the dress too (sorry I forgot to take photos!). She is a completely different height and shape to me (shorter and slimmer) so I was intrigued to see how the dress would fit and feel in her opinion. The dress looked fabulous on her and I couldn't believe that a dress in the same size could look great and feel comfortable on both of us.  She didn't stop commenting on how silky and soft the fabric felt. When she first picked up the gown she commented on how much heavier the dress felt compared to what she expected - reflecting the real quality of the materials twobirds use. 

I think that this twisted back style is so unique! There are no other dresses on the high street that replicate this style. 
To get a good idea of the fantastic ways that you can incorporate twobirds dresses into your big day check out their gallery. I love the idea of alternating styles, different shades of the same colour or breaking tradition entirely and opting for different tones entirely.  This dress is available in 20 different colours and different lengths. If you are looking for something different there is always the option to add pretty rosettes to the design; I think they look really effective on the shorter styles. 

To find out more about twobirds visit their site here.

*This review is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.* 


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