My Favourite Wedding Themed Films

This assortment of films might make you shed a tear or laugh out loud. One thing is for sure.. you will definitely catch wedding fever!

1. The Runaway Bride

If you loved Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman then you are sure to love this. A story of a serial jilter who is investigated by an arrogant journalist. 

2. My Best Friends Wedding

Who can forget the Aretha Franklin "say a little prayer for you scene" across the dinner table. Definitely a tear jerker in some parts but a feel good movie overall

3. 27 Dresses

A great chick flick to watch with your bridesmaids. It love the amazing soundtrack - you will have "Bennie and The Jets" stuck in your head for weeks.

4. Muriel's Wedding

Another weepy one but a goodie!  After watching this you may develop the impulse to shout "You're terrible Muriel" at any given opportunity. 

5. The Big Wedding

This film is much funnier than I originally anticipated after it seemed to flop at the box office. This movie has an all-star cast and some hilarious one liners .

6. Made of Honour

I must admit that I am "Grey's Anatomy" fan and do have a soft spot for Patrick Dempsey. This film is a classic chick flick with a hilarious bridal shower scene.

7. The Wedding Planner

Don't be completely put off by the fact that this film stars Jennifer Lopez. This is a film that you watch on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and admire some of the beautiful wedding inspiration and decor used in the film. 

8. The Proposal

I really enjoyed this film (and not just because it stars Ryan Reynolds). I love the chemistry on screen between the male and female lead and again, there are some classic one liners. 

9. Bride Wars

A great film to watch with your girlfriends. If you think you might be turning into a bridezilla you haven't seen anything yet!

10. Bridesmaids

I laughed so much I could hardly breathe at some parts of this film. Some amazing comedic performances by the cast and a fabulous final scene. 

11. The Wedding Singer 

! Drew Barrymore plays a sweet waitress who befriends a broken hearted wedding singer. Anyone who has seen the film will agree that "I wanna grow old with you" is a beautiful song by Adam Sandler

12. Wedding Crashers

Another hilarious film centred around weddings. I love the pairing of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. 


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