How To Choose Wedding Favours for Children

Choosing your wedding favours can be a tricky process. I remember hunting for hours to find the right gift for my guests that would tie into my theme and interesting enough to be taken home (not left strewn along the tables!). At my wedding we will be having different favours for the guys and the girls. Just when I thought that I could tick "wedding favours" off my list I had a moment of clarity - what about the children?

As much as you may love the idea of your bespoke matches or flower seeds, they certainly won't entertain a three year old whilst the speeches are taking place.

Here are my top tips for when choosing wedding favours for the small people attending your big day!

  • Keep them entertained! I love the idea of compiling an activity pack in a cute personalised box fill it with crayons, a colouring book, a yoyo or anything else you can think of that is age appropriate!
  • Lay off the sugar! As tempting as it is to fill up a box with sweets or chocolate, the parents of the child probably won't thank you in an hours time when they are running around high on a sugar rush or being sick in a plant pot. 
  • Avoid noisy objects! Party horns are an easy option but they certainly are LOUD. After hearing that noise after half an hour you will wish you had thought a little harder on your gift. 
  • Be consistent! If you don't want your little guests to be having a meltdown  because "I only got 4 sweets and she got 5" try to be consistent with your guests. Obviously if there are age big gaps between the children  this rule doesn't apply to the same extent. 

Here are a few options that I think would be great favours. I have split them into "Younger Children" and  "Older Children" to help you tailor your choice to your guests. 

Younger Children 

Activity Packs

Young Child's Wedding Busy Bag by All About Party Bags (£2.50)

Wedding Activities Bag for Little Ones by Dottie and Belle (£6.95)


Princess Pocket Puzzle from Clockwork Soldier (£7.50)

Robot Puzzle by Clockwork Soldier (£5.99)


 Princess Bubbles by Little Lulubel (£1.95)

Mini Wooden Spinning Top by Posh Totty Design Interiors (£3.00)


Alice The Camel Game by Harmony at Home Children's Eco Boutique (£9.90)

Wooden Noughts and Crosses Game by Sleepyheads (£3.95)

Rocking Horse Racers Game by Clockwork Soldier (£4.99)

Older Children

Love is in the Air Gliders from Confetti (£1.18)

Trivia Cards

Spill The Beans Trivia by Postbox Party (£6.00)

Assorted Table Trivia from So Raise Your Glass (£2.95)


Lagoon Bamboo Puzzles from Favour Fairy (£3.49)

Matchbox Puzzles - Little Wooden and Metal Teasers by Nest (£2.95)

Retro Games

Pick Up Sticks by Doodlebugz (£5.50)

Naughts and Crosses Game by Posh Totty Design Interiors (£4.50)

Tiddlywinks Game by Tulip and Nettle (£6.25)


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