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Expert advice from Pet Boutique owner Charli on how to get man's best friend involved on the best day of your life.

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Please could you give a brief introduction on yourself and your company to my readers who may not have come across you before.

 My names Charli and I am the founder/ owner of Top Dog Apparel. Launched in July 2014 we offer a uniquely selected and designed range of puppy and dog clothing, accessories, carriers, beds and grooming products.

How did your business get started and what were the ideas behind it?

 From a young age I have always been animal mad, I have that many pets I could open my own petting zoo at the moment! I am passionate about all things dog related and love to spoil my pets rotten (Halloween outfits and Christmas jumpers are a must in my house).

The Top Dog idea started as a hobby really and has stemmed from my back ground, I wanted to create a colourful, fresh and easy to use website which provides fashionable yet practical items for dogs of all breeds and sizes.The website has really taken off and seems to be naturally progressing into a business so watch this space!

Why did you choose to include a wedding range?

 My pets are treated like members of the family and I would definitely choose to have my dog there on my big day, especially for the photos! Most pet sitting companies now offer a service whereby they will transport your pets to and from the wedding venue so its hassle free for the bride and groom, perfect! With this in mind I decided to offer wedding attire outfits for dogs on Top Dog Apparel so they too can look and feel special on your big day.

Can you tell us about your favourite products on your site and why they are your top choices?

My favourite products at the moment have to be our new range of dog sweaters, they are adorable! Perfect for autumn walks and lazy days, they are cosy and a must have for your dogs’ winter wardrobe.




 Do you have any words of advice for couples wanting to include their pet in their big day?

.Make sure your pet is looking their best by treating them to a hair cut by a professional grooming service. In the weeks before, keep their coat lovely and shiny by using some vitamin enriched hair products such as our lovely Oatmeal  Natural Shampoo .

Most of you brides will be doing the full works when getting ready for your big day - moisturising, exfoliating and tanning! Why not treat your pet to the same treatment by using this fantastic Deshedding Shampoo.

Nobody wants to have their day dampened by the smell of wet dog! Keep your pet smelling fresh by using a doggy-friendly Fragrance Spray. 

As mentioned above most pet sitting/ dog walking companies now offer a service to transport your pet to and from the wedding venue. They offer to pick your dog up, walk them, groom him/ her, transport them, look after them on the day and then take them home (prices range from £100 - £180 per day).
Including your pet in your big day will not only create unforgettable memories, everyone will be talking about!

I love the design of your website! I think your branding is fantastic and your site is easy to navigate with great graphics and images. Do you have any advice for anyone who is developing a site for their business?

Why thank you! I would recommend asking family/ friends to help choose logos, branding and colour schemes. Everyone has different tastes so it’s good to get opinions from a diverse group of people, not everyone has the same tastes as you! Try to make your website as simple and as user friendly as possible and ask for feedback from your customers!

Are there any future projects in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?
Over the next few weeks I will be launching the new Winter 2014 collection which includes some beautiful pieces. Lots of tartan and Christmas themed pieces which would tie in well with a Winter Wonderland wedding theme.
Do you have any goals or aspirations for your company in 2015?

I am a huge supporter of animal adoption and in my spare time I do lots of voluntary work (dog & cat cuddling ha) so I would love to get some big charities on board working with Top Dog Apparel to help raise awareness and increase support for adoption for pets.

Do you have any tips for anybody thinking of setting up their own business?

Make sure you are passionate about what you’re wanting to go into. It’s hard work but worth every minute if you love what you do.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life”

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