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Could you please take a moment to introduce yourself to my readers who may not have come across your brand before….My name is Charlotte White and I am a Cake Designer. My company is called Restoration Cake and we believe in beauty, love, and delicious cake.

When did Restoration Cake get started as a business and what were the main ideas behind setting the business up?
I started Restoration Cake officially in 2009 but its unofficial beginnings were back in 2007 when I made 150 cupcakes for a friend's Wedding. Being 2007, it was ALL about cupcakes, and I needed a gift to offer my friend. I have been a keen baker since I was a little girl so this felt like a very natural thing to do - I took a day off of work to bake and transported my cakes in the lids of archiving boxes 'borrowed' from the office! After the wedding, I became known as a go-to girl for cakes and the business grew out of this reputation.

Why did you decide to concentrate your efforts on the wedding industry?I love working with my wedding couples. It is such a joy to be a part of such a happy occasion and I love hearing all about their plans - which I need to in order to design their cake!
To be honest, this happened naturally again as a part of growing the business. Bespoke cakes are only ever required for big celebrations (at the size and scale that I offer) so whilst I do cater to all kinds of parties, I only ever receive bookings for 90th, 40th, 21st, 1st the big momentous Birthdays, baby showers and the occasional Christening. I have created bespoke celebration cakes for big media events too, such as the last episode of Dancing On Ice for ITV and Dame Vera Lynn's 95th Birthday. 

Could you give us an idea of where you find the inspiration behind your work?Inspiration comes from all around me. When I am working on a Wedding, I am looking to the dress, the flowers, the decor, even the stationery, for visual clues. Meeting with my couples helps me to get a sense of who they are and what they love. I even created one wedding cake with a reference to the Groom's favourite Beatles song! When I am going rogue and making cakes for my books or my own amusement - I tend to get the most inspiration from the retro glamour of old Hollywood, Burlesque, fashion, and art.

Which designs in your collection are your favourites and why would you choose these cakes over others?As each cake that I create is bespoke and unique to the couple it was created for, I do not have collections as such. My favourite cake that I have made of late is my Grace cake, which was inspired by Princess Grace of Monaco. It featured white edible sugar lace and pearls. 

Do you have any advice for our brides to be on choosing their wedding cake?Your wedding cake should fulfill three functions - the first is the ceremonial (your cake represents all the good things that you can look forward to in married life, prosperity, a family, whatever floats your boat), the second is a great photo opportunity (guests love getting a picture of the couple cutting their cake, I often recommend saving this until later so that your evening guests can participate in this part of the ceremony), and the third is as something delicious to eat (the sugar kick can be a lifesaver later in the evening, or see if you can serve your cake as dessert, cake has to taste good so accept nothing less than delicious from your cake designer). Your wedding cake needs to fulfill each of these three areas or it is not worth having. I collect family wedding photos and the cake cutting ones are my favourite as they convey such happiness and hope.

Do you have any secret baking tips that we can share?Always take your time. Leave stressing and worrying to the professionals! Seriously, if you rush, you will make a mistake and baking really is a science. If there are any DIY Brides looking for advice, I run a 3hr express class called Wedding Cake 101 in which I teach the decoration and mechanics of making a wedding cake from start to finish. The next class is scheduled for Saturday 29th November in London and costs just £90 including everything you will need in class... even a cake! 

From your site I can see that you love getting creative with your flavours! Please could you tell us some of your favourite combinations?Well, my personal favourite is Chocolate Mud with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Red Velvet is becoming a fast favourite amongst my couples, as is my Salted Caramel cake.

Are there any future projects that you would like to share with my readers?The next few weeks are looking very busy as I have lots of cake shows to teach at (Cake & Bake at Earls Court and BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes at the Islington Design Centre) as well as The Vintage Wedding Fair to prepare for AND I am currently editing my second book, Deliciously Decorated, which is published on 12th February 2015. 

What are you hoping to achieve in the next 12 months?A day off! I'm just kidding. I would like to meet some more fabulous couples and bake for them and teach some more DIY Brides and Grooms to make their own cakes if they prefer. I have the best job in the world so long may it continue over the next 12 months and beyond.

What has been your career highlight so far?Meeting Dame Vera Lynn. When I made her 95th Birthday cake, I was invited to attend her party and she was so kind to me. I feel so privileged to have met such a great lady. I did have a proper fangirl moment the week before last when I made a chocolate cake for Stephen Fry (to promote Macmillan Cancer Support's Coffee Morning appeal)! He was so tall and effervescent! I was too shy to ask for a picture with him, and I am rarely shy!

Setting up any new business can be a challenging experience. What is the best business advice you have ever received? Do you have any words of wisdom yourself for fellow suppliers looking to set up their own stores?If you genuinely love what you do and have passion enough to strike out on your own, you are not going to listen to advice. I certainly didn't and I am still learning! Just be open to opportunities, talk to other small business owners, and go for it. That was probably terrible advice but I am hoping no-one listened!


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