How To Choose Your Wedding Entrance Music

Choosing your wedding entrance or "processional" music should be an important aspect of your wedding planning. Music can create an atmosphere, heighten emotion and act as a motif for future memories. We have all heard a song which casts our minds back to a particular event and we have all see romantic film where the suspense of the first kiss is made much more dramatic thanks to the film composer's score .Music means different things to different people; some people concentrate of the deep meaningful lyrics whilst others concentrate on the combination of notes that make the piece come alive.

One of the first steps in choosing your wedding music is deciding on whether to down the traditional route or skip tradition and go for something different. 

You should also think about the setting of your wedding ceremony, for example there may be more restrictions on choosing your own music if you are having a religious ceremony at a church rather than having a civil ceremony at a Manor House.

You should bear in mind the length of the aisle at your venue. If your aisle is short then having a song with a piece of music with a long introduction might not be the best choice - you could be standing by the groom before the vocals have started!

 If you know somebody who is a bit tech savvy it might be worth asking them if they can edit the track so that the the section of the track fades in and out smoothly. I have been to a couple of weddings where a CD had been played whilst the bride walks down the aisle, the moment is building up and the elderly relatives are crying - the suddenly WHACK! The music is stopped abruptly and the congregation are hit in the face with a deafening sound of silence. 

More modern examples of entrance music include: 
- Just The Way You Are : Bruno Mars
- (Everybody's Free) To Feel Good: Quindon Tarver
- All of Me: John Legend
- Wherever You Will Go: Charlene Soraia
- From This Moment: Shania Twain
- I'm Yours: Jason Mraz
-A Thousand Years: Christina Perri

More tradition example of processional music include:
- Canon and Gigue in D major: Canon
- Air on The G String: Bach
- Bridal Chorus ("Here Comes The Bride"): Wagner
- Hymne: Vangelis
- Clair De Lune: Debussy
- The Four Seasons (Autumn): Vivaldi

If you have a song in mind but you think that it might be too fast tempo or a little too heavy for your processional music then take a look on YouTube. There are hundreds of covers out there of songs which might suit your taste better for example an acoustic or piano version of the piece you originally had in mind.  If you are after  a couple of suggestions to get you started, I don't think that you can go wrong with Radio 1 live lounge covers and Boyce Avenue on YouTube. 

There is also the option to have recessional music, in other words, the music that you walk back down the aisle to as you leave the ceremony. This is often more upbeat and lively that the processional music however there are no hard or fixed rules so get creative! If you have ever seen the movie Hitch then you will know what I am talking about! And if you haven't seen Hitch yet - what are you waiting for?!

Can you think of any of examples of good processional music? Which song or composition did you choose for your own big day? Please be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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