How To Choose A Pair of High Heels For Your Wedding Day

Before deciding on your pair of wedding shoes, the process of trying them on is an art in itself. Here are some tips you should take into consideration when shopping for your heels:

Many articles online suggest having your feet remeasured; if you are anything like me then you probably haven't had your feet measured since trying on school shoes as a child. Most shoe shops offer this service and shoe stockists in department stores. 

Our feet often swell by the end of the day  thanks to our friend gravity! Lying in bed increases venous return from the legs meaning that when we wake up in the morning our feet are smaller than when we went to bed the following evening. If you are planning a shopping trip it is probably best to stick to a time after lunch. Many of you will be having weddings that start in the afternoon and carry on well on into the night;'it is pointless squeezing yourself into shoes at 9am if they are going to inflict misery on you for the rest of the day.

Check the fit! The shoes should not feel tight or rub. There should be plenty of room for you to wiggle your toes. If the shoes are big then your feet will slide down and increased pressure will be exerted onto your toes. Be aware that when trying on pointed shoes the point  should begin after your toes; your toes otherwise could be crammed into this small space, causing you discomfort.

Make sure to have a good walk around wearing the heels in the shop. Often shoes feel more comfortable in the first few minutes of wearing them; wear them around the house for an hour or so when you get home to decide whether or not to return them. 

Think about the height of the shoes - how tall is the groom? How long do you intend on wearing the shoes for? Are you planning to change into flats during the evening? Yes - it is important that your shoes look great on your wedding day but you must also consider the practicalities! 

You should also take into consideration the width of the heel. A sturdy thicker heel might be a more sensible choice then stilettos if you are planning to walk from your church to the reception! Platform shoes are a great option for giving height whilst remaining a comfortable choice. Also don't forget about wedges!

Another tip is to look where the heel is placed. The should sit directly beneath to bone, where the body weight transfers. If the heel is set too far back or too far forward you may find it difficult to walk in your shoes and may fall off balance.

Choose a shape that will make the most of your assets! For example, If you are particularly conscious of  your legs then maybe avoid an ankle strap which can draw attention to your ankles and make your legs look wider. Stick to a shoe that will make your legs look longer for example pointed toe shoes in a more natural colour. 

Wear in your shoes! I would recommend wearing in your wedding shoes around the house before your big day especially if you have opted for materials such as leather. But remember - there is a difference between forcing a pair of ill fitting shoes to stretch and wearing in a pair of well fitting shoes - avoid the former! 

When buying my wedding shoes it wasn't until the sales assistant showed me that I realised the shoe had cushioning over the base of the shoe. When wearing heels much of our weight is transferred to the balls of our feet which is wear many of us feel discomfort.  Check to see if there is cushioning in your shoes; if not you can always buy inserts which can help provide the same effect.

Remember starlettos! After buying these beautiful shoes you don't want to find yourself stuck in the middle of the lawn because you are anchored to the grass due to your heels sinking into the soil!


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