Dress of The Day: Enzoani - Jasmine

Some dresses have the power for your jaw to drop and for you to stand in awe... I had the exact feeling when I saw this stunning dress by Enzoani. It is a real show-stopper! 

The real beauty of this dress is in the lace which hugs to the bodice at the front and hangs like a cape at the back. I love how the deep V shape meets low down near the small of the back and how the ornate silver chains cascade towards the apex.  The front of the dress has equally beautiful embellishments; I love how this diamant√© detailing almost seems to mimic the pattern of the lace along the neckline and down to the waist. The dress itself is understated but elegant; a classic straight cut with a small train. If I were fortunate enough to own this dress I would wear it with a Grecian side fishtail plait hairstyle and a silver bracelet.

To see more of the amazing creations by Enzoani, check out their website.  


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