Bridal health: Fruit Teas


Over the last year I have become a little obsessed with fruit flavoured teas. I have a sweet tooth and can often be seen hovering around the cupboards or fridge picking at food and then moaning the next day that I need to diet. Instead of reaching for chocolate, biscuits and cakes at the supermarket, I now try to make sure I have sweet fruit teas in my trolley. 

There has been lots of coverage by the media (and many bloggers) about the many benefits of drinking green tea. Green tea is thought to have many claims to fame including its role as an antioxidant, a natural appetite suppressant and a clear skin saviour. There are a multitude of health benefits according to the papers including cancer fighting, blood pressure lowering and diabetes protection properties!Green tea is processed in a different way to black tea and it is thought that this is the reason why green tea retains its fantastic antioxidant properties. 

Whether you believe in the wondrous claims of green tea or if you are sceptic, the fact is fruit teas are  still a great low calorie alternative for a sweet craving. If you are looking to trim down for your big day and you are looking for something to replace your nightime tea and biscuits then why not think about a frut tea as an alternative? 

Here are some of my favourite fruit teas below...


Orange and lotus flower flavoured green tea
 A lovely blend of citrus and sweet flavours. This is an orietnal inspired tea that is a favourite in China and it is not hard to see why. I love drinking this when having my breakfast in bed! It is like a big hug in a mug!


Twinings Salted caramel flavoured green tea
 I adore the taste of salted caramel and this tea really deliver that lovely sweet flavour. As soon as the hot water touches the tea bag the smell of yummy caramel fills the room. I reach for this tea when I am craving something super sweet like a chocolate bar or biscuits.

Twinings Strawberry and Raspberry fruit tea
 I love to drink this tea hot or cold. This tea is bursting with string flavours! If you love berry fruit flavours then you will definitely love the taste of this tea. When drinking this tea when it is warm it reminds me of drinking hot cordial as a child. If you choose to drink this tea cold it has a zingy refreshing kick.


Dragonfly Roobois with Vanilla flavoured tea
Whenever I smell this tea, I immediately visualise cupcakes! The vanilla is sweet but not overpowering. This is one of my favourite teas. 

Camomile and Spiced Apple  flavoured tea
 This has a lovely festive flavour; it is warming and delicious. This is a great brew to drink on a cold winter night. The camomile helps to banish insomnia and is great to sip on before you go to bed. 

Blackcurrant Burst
This is a lovely berrylicious tea! If you love blackcurrant you will definitely love this tea which has a great flavour.  If you fancy getting a little more creative, wait for the tea to cool and add ice and lemonade for a summery cooler!

Mint flavoured Green tea
If you prefer a milder flavour to your green tea then how about this mint flavoured green tea? This combination is a classic - the sweetness of the mint is a great balance to the sharpness of the green tea.

What do you think about the taste of fruit teas? Do you believe that green tea has all of these incredible health benefits? Let me know in the comments below!


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