Wedding Accessories: Unique Wedding Veils

You can't walk through most supermarkets today without seeing pictures of Brangelina's wedding splashed all over the magazines in the newspaper aisle. For those of you who have looked a little closer at the photographs you will have seen that Angelina Jolie's wedding veil is a little different to most. Angelina chose to have pictures drawn by her children embroidered on to her wedding veil in bright vibrant colours which was estimated to cost around $3600. 

For those of you wanting a wedding veil a little from the norm on your big day I have found these beauties below...

Nefyn  Veil by  Rainbow Club

Gold Veil by Pure Bliss Veils

Madison Veil from Rainbow Club

Monogram Wedding Veil by Etsy Seller "GracefullyGirly"

Pink Short Wedding Veil from Etsy Seller "Bouquet by Rosa Loren"

Pink Veil from Pure Bliss Veils

Sarn Wedding Veil by Rainbow Club

The Hannah Veil by Dream Veils

For those of you looking for something a little more colourful!
Colourful Rainbow Wedding Veil by Etsy Seller "Riparian Blue"

Tell me what you think - would you have anything embroidered on your wedding veil?


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