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Please could you give a brief introduction on yourself and your company to my readers who may not have come across you before…
Glorious Tiaras are an award winning bridal hair accessory and brooch bouquet designers, founded by me, Heidi Reid, in 2011. All Glorious designs are unique creations that are handcrafted to order, using high quality elements such as fresh water pearls, diamante, Swarovski crystals, and genuine vintage jewellery. As our pieces are made to order we can accommodate particular requirements such as altering colour or components, and even combine elements of more than one piece to create something bespoke for the bride. We create Glorious accessories for Glorious brides!

 How did your business get started and what were the ideas behind it?
 With a degree in Creative Arts, and an employment history in the photography industry, I’d always had a strong connection with design, but it was actually when I uncovered the handcrafted tiara I’d worn on my wedding day that the idea for a wedding accessories business began. My original business plan for Glorious Tiaras developed around a highly creative business which would allow me to use my technical skills, that would make the most of my unique eye for design, my warm personality, and that I could run from a home studio to initially keep overheads low. I was determined that my clients would find my designs beautiful, unique, affordable, and find me to be someone who was fun, inspiring, reassuring and professional to work with. Three years on, I’m proud that these elements still shape everything I do at Glorious.

   Why did you choose to focus on weddings?
 Being involved in someone’s wedding has to be one of the most rewarding things you could wish to do for a living. It’s wonderful to get excited with brides about their dress, their theme, and the look that they want to achieve. When I’m commissioned to design a headpiece or a brooch bouquet, I have the enormous satisfaction of knowing that in a small way I’m involved in one of the most important moments of someone’s life! I imagine only being a midwife ranks up there in terms of job satisfaction!

  What inspires you as a designer?
I gather inspiration from a great range of sources! My studio is bursting with mood boards, sketches, pictures and cuttings, and of course Pinterest is my friend. Glorious headpieces have been inspired by shapes found in nature; by vintage Hollywood glamour; by the hair adornments worn by the ballerinas of the Bolshoi ballet, and I keep a close eye on key themes coming from the top bridal designers.

Do you have any tips for our brides on choosing the right hair accessories for their special day?
Make friends with your designer, they have a wealth of experience and ideas for you to draw on! If you can provide pictures of your dress, links to a Pinterest board featuring ideas for your hair, share hairstyle ideas for your day, and be sure to tell your designer of any particular likes or dislikes (some brides don’t do ‘traditional’, hate pearls, or know that they want their accessory to tie in with the detailing on the bodice of their dress).

  I love your vintage brooch bouquets and think it is fabulous that you offer a bespoke service. Could you tell us in more detail about the process of ordering a bespoke bouquet from first getting in contact with Glorious Tiaras to receiving the purchase?

When a client first gets in contact with Glorious Tiaras about a brooch bouquet (and it’s not always the bride, as this is a popular gift from Mums and Grandmothers to the bride), we talk through the style of the bride’s dress, the theme that she has planned for her day, colour schemes, and the venue. I encourage the bride to tell me if there’s anything particularly personal to her and the groom that she’d like to see included in her bouquet – this can be anything from their initials, to a butterfly, or items of family jewellery. I talk the client through the sizes and shapes available and the time scale we’ll be working to. Most importantly, we discuss and agree a budget for the bouquet, and I take a deposit, or full payment.
I offer my clients the chance to see pictures of the vintage brooches as I source them for the commissioned bouquet, and start working them together – some don’t want to see their bouquet until it arrives, beautifully packaged, whilst others really enjoy seeing the work that goes into the bouquet, and having the opportunity to have some continuing input in the design process.
There are many wonderful things about the brooch bouquets - they last forever, can be passed on through families, displayed in the home after the ceremony, and can be uniquely personalized for the occasion (I wouldn’t recommend throwing one though!)
Bespoke bouquets take 8-10 weeks to complete. However, for the bride on a shorter time scale, there are ready-made bouquets available on the website.

Can you tell us your three favourite products from your store and why they are your top picks?
 Amelie tiara is simple, clean and delicate, with swirls of seed beads that work beautifully with the lace detailing that’s so popular in a lot of gowns. She’s been one of our most popular hair adornments of 2014!

Audrey tiara started life as a commissioned piece for a Glorious bride, who was looking for a traditional tiara that had a vintage feel, and that would compliment the crystal detailing on the bodice of her gown. The version of Audrey currently on the Glorious Tiaras website is larger than the original, and channels design elements featured in the tiara worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her sparkle and old time glamour appeal to the part of me that so admires the style of the 1950’s Hollywood starlets.

The Gothic Brooch Bouquet. I love the drama of this piece. It’s a bold, statement item, which I would love to see carried by a bride in a medieval setting, with vaulted roofs, pointed arches!

 Are there any future projects in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?
I’m very excited to be launching the Glorious 2015 collection in October! It’s breathtakingly sophisticated and glamorous, with a nod to the decadence of 1930’s Parisian styling.

  Do you have any goals or aspirations for your company in 2015?
 Our Glorious brooch bouquets are currently in stock at Rocks for Frocks in the Wedding House in Liverpool, but in 2015 I’m very keen to meet with other UK bridal boutiques, with a view to having them stock our Glorious hair accessories. If anyone is reading this and looking for new suppliers please get in touch!

  Do you have any tips for anybody thinking of setting up their own business?
Pick something you are extremely passionate about. Starting your own business can be tough, and I think most people are surprised at the amount of time they have to spend doing the less exciting stuff like filling in accounts sheets, filing, updating your website, learning about search engine optimisation, and calling suppliers. If you don’t have the allure of ultimately doing something that you wouldn’t change for the world, the mundane stuff will knock your enthusiasm for what you do.
Don’t rush in! Take the time to plan what you’d like your clients to know you and your business for. Think about any training you would benefit from before you start out.
Put together a budget based on your starting overheads, advertising, and cost of a website, and don’t be tempted to stray from it without really good reason.
Research your market. What are other businesses in your field doing? How can you compliment what they do? Improve on what they do? Offer something completely unique that will appeal to your customers?
Keep yourself fresh! Take time to get out and speak to other people, see new things, and give yourself the space to be Glorious.

 With thanks to J Broughton Photography for the wonderful photos. 

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