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For anyone who likes to be organised whether organising their wedding or their day to day life, I have a great aid to help you with your schedule!

I spent a while this summer looking for a diary that was small enough to keep in my bag and would keep each of the different areas of my life organised - work, university and blogging. I watched some videos on YouTube and feel in love with Belinda Selene's Erin Condren planner; practical and pretty! 

Erin Condren Life Planner in Foil, Turquoise and Gold

When including the price of postage from the U.S., I decided that the Erin Condren Life Planner was too far out of my budget. I started looking for a suitable alternative in the UK and came across I love the format of the site and the fact that you can tailor your planner to meet your personal needs.

I decided to choose the medium sized planner so that it was a perfect size to fit in my handbag. There are lots of different colours and patterns available for you to choose from. I decided to personalise my planner with my name and the year.
You can choose several formats for inside your planner - I chose to have ruled pages and to have this pretty pink pattern at the top of the pages.
I am always writing to do lists so I thought the addition of this "TO DO THIS WEEK" list is a great option. I like to make notes, for example reminders of products I need to pick up at the supermarket so I thought that the "LIST OF THE WEEK" section would be helpful. 
I find that ideas about posts for my blog crop up throughout the day, having an "IDEAS OF THE WEEK" box helps keep these in order.
The great thing about Personal Planners is that they will even print in the dates of events in your planner for you, for example birthdays. There is even the option to sync the planner with your Facebook to save even more time documenting these dates.

I like to keep very organised and thought that I would put the plastic wallet in my planner to good use by including these cute page markers. I purchased these pretty Washi tape style and owl page markers from eBay. Feel free to contacts in the comments below if you would like details of the sellers.

Finally, I thought I would include a picture of the overview pages that are helpful in giving you a wider perspective on your year. 

If you would like to order a planner yourself or would like to see the other options available please check out -

I purchased the planner myself and have not affiliations with the company or competing interests.

How do you like to keep organised? Tell me in the comments below!


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