How to approach asking for money as a wedding gift

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Many couples often ponder this very question: "How can I ask for money as a wedding gift?", but what many of them really mean is "How can I ask for money as a wedding gift - without offending my wedding guests?. It is no surprise in the current age that couples would prefer to receive cash than sign up to gift registries as was popular in the past. Many bride and grooms have lived together, in some cases for several years, before their weddings! The need for toasters and bath towels has been superseded by the need to save up for a house deposit or for money towards a trip-of-a-lifetime honeymoon.

There is no need to be embarrassed about the prospect of asking your guests for money as a gift; it is the preference of many couples and there is often a genuine reason why you prefer the cash. Plus many of your guests WANT to buy you gifts or contribute to your new life together as a married couple. They will also want to make sure that they gift they buy is well received and would probably feel disappointed if they knew that they had bought you something that was unnecessary or unloved. Be honest with your guests about what you want to spend the cash on, if you are looking to book a 3 week holiday in the Bahamas then tell them! People appreciate honesty and more likely to be inclined to contribute if they know what they are contributing to, There are however ways and means of approaching the subject without sounding demanding, spoilt or just plain rude! In this post I aim to talk you through a few potential approaches to suggesting to your guests that you would prefer to receive the green stuff!

TOP TIP: Remember to ensure that you have somewhere to secure to keep your cards when received for example a "post box". Many guests will place cheques/cash in here. 

Use a Wedding Website

More couples are now using wedding website or wedding apps (e.g. AppyCouple) when planning their big day. These are fantastic resources for your guests who are able to RSVP online, check directions and view local accommodation. They could also be a great place to state to your guests that you prefer to receive cash on your big day.


Instead of asking for money as a wedding gift you can always opt for vouchers. All of the larger high street and department stores offer gift vouchers for sale (e.g. Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Debenhams). If you are hoping that your guests will contribute cash so that you can afford to go on a fabulous honeymoon then why not consider asking for honeymoon vouchers - Kuoni, World Travellers and Thomson are just a few examples of companies who offer this service.


Are you a couple that would prefer that your guests contributed to a charity close to your heart? If you feel that you would prefer your guests to donate to a charitable cause then there are many charities out there who would be delighted with their generosity

Say It With A Poem

One of the trends that has been widely adopted it to ask for money through the use of rhyme! For every couple who think this is a fantastic idea, there are others who find the use of rhyme a little hard to swallow.

Here are some of my favourite examples which a succinct but effective:

If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way
A gift of money in a card would really make our day!

We haven't got a gift list, for all of you to see,
 Because as you all know we never can agree!
                                         But if you'd like to help us, start our married life,
                                       cash or high street vouchers, would save a lot of strife

The occasion of our marriage, Is a precious time to share 
With family, friends & loved ones So we hope you’ll be there
 We do not ask you bring a gift But if you feel the need
 A little bit of money Would be very kind indeed.
 Please don’t feel obliged, though Please don’t feel you must.
 Just the pleasure of your company
Would mean the world to us.

We are sending out this invitation
In the hope you will join our celebration,
But if a gift is your intention
May we please take this opportunity to mention,
If you were thinking of giving a gift,
to help us on our way
A gift of cash towards our house,
would really make our day.

We’re not fussy or particular about what you’d like to bring 
Any gifts will surely be treasured and are sure to make our hearts sing
.We can’t really decide so we’ll leave it up to you
 But if you really need some help, here’s another clue.
We’re looking at a get-away, somewhere with some sun
,To let our hair down and have some fun

There are plenty more poems available freely on-line. Have a good look on Google and find one that fits with the tone of your day and reflects your personalities. 


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