Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Great Ways To Ask..

Your wedding day is one on the most important days of your life but where would you be without your best girls to share it with you? In the past you may have picked up the telephone to let them know, asked them in person or even wrote a letter. In the days of modern technology you could always send them a text or an email to ask your maids but where is the fun in that? Below are some of my favourite ways to ask your girls to be with you ask you walk down the aisle on your special day - from cards to hampers there is a guarantee you will find something to fit your wedding budget.

This gorgeous personalised fridge magnet is available from Bedcrumb Wedding Stationary. I love the idea that your girls can stick this up on their fridge until the wedding and after! They could use it to stick up their wedding invitations, fitting dates and receipts. I personally love the artwork from this company and think the graphics on this magnet are gorgeous. This is the option that my Fiance and I went with for our bridesmaids (and our Best Men) and it is a steal at only £3.25 available from Bedcrumb.co.uk

How about this unique way to pop the question? This balloon when blown up will provide a fun way to ask your girls. I think the phrase "You're more than a guest, please say yes" is adorable! This balloon is available in pink and green from White Knot (whiteknot.co.uk) and retails at £3.50

Alternatively how about this "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" personalised card from Slice of Pie Designs. I think although the design is simple the words say it all! This card is available from notonthehighstreet.com and retails at £3.25

I think this next option is great. This wedding message bangle had a beautiful inscription that says "I couldn't say I do without you". This would be a great way to ask your bridesmaids - they could wear the bangle up until the wedding and this would be a great piece of jewellery for them to wear on the day and after too! This bangle is available from notonthehighstreet.com and is retails at £13.
Another jewellery option is this pretty necklace from J&S jewellery. I love the fact that you can personalise each of the necklaces to your bridesmaids by including their first name initial. This necklace retails at £26 and is also available at notonthehighstreet.com
This is a cute idea from Hunter Gatherer. This handkerchief is a pretty and vintage way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids. They can use it to mop up their tears on your big day and this is a keepsake they can hold on to forever. This gift is available from huntergatherer.info and retails at £8.50.

How about popping the question on a cookie?! Millies cookies offer a service where customers can have pretty much anything piped onto their cookies. You can order your cookie online from milliescookies.com. and they retail at £14.99
I love this cosmetics case from realunique.co.uk. I think that the print is very vintage and the text across the message band is very rustic looking too. This cosmetics case would be great for your bridesmaids to store their make up in when getting ready on the morning of the wedding. This cosmetics case retails at £7.99 and is available from realunique.co.uk

I think it is always worth having a look on eBay when searching for wedding supplies and eBay does not fail to disappoint will lots of results for "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" options. Here are some of my favourites with sellers listed below. 

I love this Shabby Chic/ Rustic/ Vintage style personalised "I can't say I do without you..." card from the eBay shop H&W-essentials. This card is cute and affordable at only £2.59
I also love this rustic wedding heart that has a distressed looks with "Will you be my bridesmaid?" engraved into the wood. I think that the packaging is gorgeous too! This product is available from eBay seller melysweddingfavours and is a bargain at £3.95
I can't stop looking at this amazing find from eBay seller thecookiecollaboration. I think that this box of personalised cookies is amazing and really had the wow factor! The packaging is pretty too and I think that for £7.99 this choice is worth every penny!


  • why not send them a DIY gift box filled with things that remind you of them? You could put in a bar of their favourite chocolate,  a small bottle of their favourite wine or spirit, a postcard from that ladies holiday you all went on years ago, photos from when you were at university together and anything else that inspires you. You could finish your gift box off with a ribbon in their favourite colour. To ask your the big question you could put a pretty note inside either on a piece of card backed in floral paper, write it on a pebble from the beach or any other creative way

  • How about getting creative and decorating a plant pot? Simply buy a small terracotta pot, some emulsion paints in your favourite colours and a couple of paintbrushes of different widths. Then paint the pot in a base colour before carefully writing "Will you be my bridesmaid?"/ "Bridesmaid?". You can then always place a plant in the pot - for example a pretty house plant - like "Mother-in-Laws Tongue" (How apt?!) or even some garden herbs for the kitchen windowsill. If painting seems like a bit too much hard work then you can always make a band with card and ribbon and tie this around a terracotta pot instead.

  • You could arrange to meet up with you bridesmaids to be in a cafe for coffee. Take some cake toppers with you that you have already prepared with a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Inscription - They are easy to make using cocktail sticks, card, glue and a marker. When your girls are sat down ask the waitress to pop the toppers into the cakes before they are served!

  • You could always have the question engraved on an item such as a cosmetic mirror, lipstick case or paperweight. Your bridesmaids could always use these items on your special day too!


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