Wedding Jewellery Ideas: Wedding Pearls For The Girls

What is the tradition behind wearing pearls on your wedding day? The ancient Romans associated pearls with wealth and social standing - wearing pearls indicated that you were from a wealthy family. The Greeks believed that wearing pearls on your wedding sign was a good lunch charm for marital bliss whereas old English knights thought that pearls were magic and could prevent harm from coming to them on the battlefield. 

Here is a top tip - do you want to know if your pearls are real or not? Gently rub the pearls against your teeth. If they feel smooth then they are more than likely fake - real pearls should feel gritty.

Another piece of advice is to make sure you apply your perfume, make up etc. before putting your pearls on. The chemicals in these products can damage the lustre and make your pearls look dull. Store them in a pouch made of satin, silk or velvet and keep them away form harsh metals that can scratch them. If you wish to clean them, use a soft damp cloth. 

Lovett and Co are creators of vintage style wedding jewellery. I really like their bridal collection and think that it has a range of statement pieces that any vintage bride would love. They also do dome lovely little gift sets that would be ideal presents for bridesmaids, flower girls or even the mother of the bride (or groom). Below is one of my favourites from their collection - the crystal flower pearl necklace with pretty detailing on the clasp. It also comes in this gorgeous cream gift box.

Jon Richard stock a wide range of wedding jewellery. One of my favourite pieces of pearl bridal jewellery is this beautiful bracelet from their Allan Hannah range. This gorgeous peardrop and pearl hand wrapped bracelet is a beautiful vintage inspired piece that still has a contemporary feel. This bracelet is availble from Jon Richard and retails at £35. 
Liberty in Love in a great company that stocks lots of independent bridal jewellery designers. Like think that this Olga vintage cuff by Leigh-Anne McCague is a real show stopper - just look an the exquisite intricate detail and craftsmanship that has gone into this piece. This is the kind of item that could be passed down through the generations as a "something borrowed" or "something old". This is from the vintage inspired collection but I think this piece is timeless.

Be.loved Bridal has a range of bridal jewellery - although a small range compared to some other online boutiques they don't disappoint and have some beautiful statement pieces. I love these elegant pearl drop earrings from their collection. They areavailabled from beloved bridal and are currently on sale for only £10 - what a bargain!! 

Take a look at this necklace from H. Samuel. I think this is a gorgeous piece of jewellery - I love how the pearls appear to be intricately woven together. I feel this would be a great option for a destination wedding. This sterling silver freshwater pearl wrap necklace is available from H. Samuel and is on sale for £44.99.

If you are looking for a beautiful set of pearls then you simply must check out Jacqueline Shaw. I think the pearls from this store are divine. These pearls could be passed down to your own daughter/daughter-in-law for their big day in future. My favourite piece is this Claire double stranded pearl wedding necklace at £138.45.

Fancy mixing things up a bit? How about wearing a set of blue pearls from Orchira. These could be your "something blue" for your big day. I think this necklace would look fab with a pair of blue shoes and a vintage style tea length dress. This Mediterranean dream neck costs is £199 and is available from Orchira. 

One if my favourite pieces is this little gem from Ernest Jones. I think this bangle is stunning. I think that the simplicity of this piece is timeless and that it would add another element of elegance to a plainer full length gown. This bangle freshwater cultured pearl bangle is currently on sale from £150 to £115.

How about a beautiful bracelet from Thomas Sabo? The great thing about these bracelets are that you customise them with charms to inject some of your own personality into your jewellery. Are you a crazy cat lady? Or a shoe addict? Why not include this detail in your big day on a small scale? Or you could always go for option of including your own initial or that of your hubby to be. This is the glam and soul bracelet that retails at £89.


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