Top Tip Tuesday: Customise your shoes!

Have you been spending hours looking on the net for some bridal shoes with the wow factor? Do you want shoes that are unique and personal to you on your big day? If you are not wanting to spend a chunk of your budget on custom made shoes or expensive shoe accessories then what about this solution? You can transform your shoes from drab to fab in seconds - and for under a fiver...

All you will need is:

  • a pair of shoes - here I have pulled these blue satin shoes out from my wardrobe. If you are thinking of having blue shoes for your wedding or your are having a Rock n' Roll wedding then these shoes might be a good idea! If you are looking for something a little more traditional then why not opt for some elegant ivory shoes.
  • decorative bits - I have opted for corsages from Primark - cheap as chips! You could also use applique trim, ribbon that matches your bridesmaids dress, old clip on earrings from the charity shop...the list is endless 
  • In this case, both of my corsages have hair clips or brooch style backs which means there is no sticking required BRILLIANT! If you decide to use trim then you may want to invest in some good fabric glue to ensure that your design doesn't budge on your wedding day. 

Think about where you would like your embellishments to go. I think that with peep toe styles such as these - embellishments at the front look very pretty. Take a look below:
I think that the bright pink against the cobalt blue looks great! Here is an example with black corsages

You don't have to put your embellishments on the front of your shoe - you can always opt to put your trim on the back of the shoes or the sides
Here is an example using a vintage style brooch - you can easily pick up pretty brooches in stores such as Debenhams, Primark etc. If you are happy to wear similar but not exact matching brooches then charity shops may be another option. 

If you have any other ideas for embellishments then post in the comments below. I would love to see any photos from shoes that you have customised yourself for your wedding day!

Happy Crafting :) BBON xx


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