Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Guest books give the bride and groom the opportunity to read over the well wishes and advice from guests well after their wedding. In some cases, they can be displayed for years to come for example sat on a coffee table or hanging from the wall, as a constant reminder of your big day. This blog post aims to bring you some stunning examples of traditional guestbooks and also to introduce you to some guest book alternatives that you may not have come across...

 This first guest book is part of the collection by youruniquescrapbook.co.uk. This company sells a variety of guest books that have a vintage handmade feel. You can shop by theme on the website - so if you are hosting a "Hollywood" wedding or a "By The Sea" bash - it might be worth checking them out. The following guest book is priced at £69.99 and is in a Vintage Shabby Chic Style.

I love the Beverly Clark Range available from Confetti. Each of her guest books captures a timeless elegant style. The prices vary across the range and start at around £35. I have included a couple of my favourite examples below.
Beverly Clark The Crowned Jewel Collection Guest Book, available from Confetti, £39.99 (Image taken from confetti.co.uk)
Beverly Clark Monroe Collection Guest Books - available in three colours (Ivory, Black and Ruby), £35.99 (Image taken from confetti.co.uk) 

 I really love those guest book jigsaws from Inspire Designs. I think they are unique and fun and will serve as a great talking point at the wedding! This "Tree of Life" design is my favourite design of the moment and is available from guestbookpuzzles.co.uk starting from £55.

Fingerprint trees have taken the wedding scene by storm over the last 18 months. Guests ink their fingerprint onto a printed design to create a beautiful piece of art which you can treasure in your home for years to come. I think that this hot air balloon design from fingerprinttree.co.uk is a steal at £19.99!
The fingerprinttree.co.uk has some other great alternatives to guest books - pop on their site to check out their "Message in a bottle" guest books and their beautiful "Leafy Wishing Trees" as seen below; guests can write their messages on tags and hang them from the branches (prices start at £15.99)

I also love these cute "advice for the bride and groom" coasters by Wedding of My Dreams (available on Notonthehighstreet.com). They are available in packs of ten and retail at £7. Guests can write down their words of wisedom and then post the coasters into the wedding post box or hang them e.g. on a wishing tree as seen above.

If you are on a budget and looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative then the Ribbons Guest Book may bea good choice for you. These guest books are available from brideandgroomdirect.co.uk. They are simple yet elegant; there is a choice of 11 ribbon colours to fit in with your colour scheme. The Ribbons Guest Book is priced at £12.99
(Image taken from brideandgroomdirect)

 If you are looking to really splash the cash on your guest book and you are looking for something with the wow factor - I suggest considering a "drop-top" guest book, like those created by BSPOAK. Guests are able to write their messages for the bride and groom on a wooden heart which they then post into a frame which has a special slot. In the centre of the frame are the names of the bride and groom and the ceremony date, which adds a personal touch. The guest books are available from notonthehighstreet.com, and will set you back £270.
(Image taken from notonthehightstreet.com) 

 If you would like to get involved in creating your own guest book, how about buying a bag of pretty pebbels and asking your guests to sign their names for placing them into a beautiful decorative vase? If you are both keen musicians - how about getting your guests to sign an old guitar which you can admire on a stand in your home? If you have had an engagement shoot - why not make the most of those great pictures? Get a big frame with a wide mount to place around a smaller picture and ask your guest to sign around the edge!


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