DIY: Will you be my bridesmaid? Cake Toppers

Here is an idea taken from our "Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Great Ways To Ask..." post.
You could arrange to meet up with you bridesmaids to be in a cafe for coffee. Take some cake toppers with you that you have already prepared with a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Inscription - They are easy to make using cocktail sticks, card, glue and a marker. When your girls are sat down ask the waitress to pop the toppers into the cakes before they are served!
 Here is a list of what you will need: cocktail sticks, a pair of scissors, double sided sticky pads, some card (I chose to use silver card in this example), a marker pen or metallic pen to write on your message, an embellishment of some kind, a pencil to mark out your template and if you are more precise with your craftsmanship unlike me - then use a ruler too!
First you want to draw out a diamond shape on your piece of card. There are no specific sizes you have to stick to - just make sure that it won't look massive in relation to the size of the cocktail stick! Make sure that the shape is symmetrical and mark a line down the middle to check.

Using your scissors - cut our the diamond shape. If you are making more than one topper then you can draw around this template to save your from measuring out all the toppers individually.

Next write on your message on to one half of the diamond shape. If you are feeling a little more adventurous then you could always decorate the other half with patterns, embellishments or even write the same message again. When you are done writing, fold the diamond in half along the line you drew down the centre before. 

Next it is time to use the double sided sticky pads. I place one pad along the centre line vertically and the two other pads side by side horizontally. I find that this layout gives the best support to the cocktail stick. Next lie the upper 1/3 of the cocktail stick along the centre line. 

Fold over your triangles and press down. Now you can add your embellishments. Here I have chosen a pretty black bow with diamantĂ© detailing. 

VoilĂ  - You have finished! Pop your topper into a cake when nobody is looking!


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